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Marxon 200W Solar Panel

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  • Compatiable With Most of Power Stations: Anderson solar port is compatible with Marxon G300 Portale Power Station and many others.
  • High Solar Conversion Efficiency: With an efficiency of up to 23.5%, the solar panel outperforms in converting more solar power under similar conditions.
  • Multi-charging Options: Equipped with MC4 to Anderson Connection Cable, you can connect multiple 200W solar panels in series or parallel to gain maximum solar power.
  • Easy Setup: The Marxon Solar Panel comes with a portable carry case that can be used as a sturdy stand to provide a flexible angle for instant set-up. For outdoor travel and camping, the recommended angle ensures maximum sunlight absorption.
  • Built to Last: The ETFE-laminated case ensures the solar panel is durable enough for a prolonged lifespan. Additionally, the IP65 Waterproof Rating allows it to withstand harsh weather.

  • Features

    200 watt solar panel

    Maximizes the Solar-Harvest
    Up to 23.5% cutting-edge solar conversion rate, creating a higher charging efficiency system together with the built-in smart MPPT of all of Marxon's portable power stations to achieve full charge in the shortest possible time.

    foldable solar panel


    Portable & Foldable

    Marxon Solar Panel comes with a foldable and compact design for convenient use while you are on the go. The adjustable stents are for easy angle adjustment. The rubber and burry-free handle are for your comfortable carry.
    rv solar panel

    Highly Compatible Anderson Connector

    flexible solar panel 200w


    Solar Off-Grid Charging

    The 200W solar panel can be connected to the Marxon Power Stations in three simple ways: directly, in series, and in parallel. While you're outdoors, it can totally cater to your basic power requirements.

    folding solar panel

    What’s in the Box

    portable solar panel

    Never Run Out of Power

    Suitable for various occasions

    Product Model NO.  PETC-S200
    Peak Power 200W
    Tolerance ±10%
    Cell Type  MONO
    Conversion Efficiency 21.5-23.5%
    Maximum Operating Voltage (Vmp) 18V~20.5V
    Maximum Operation Current (Imp) 9.7A
    Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 24.6V
    Short Circuit Voltage (Isc) 10.7A
    Output Port MC4
    Working Temperature -10°C~65°C
    Storage Ambient Temperature  -10°C~65°C
    Maximum Power Temperature Coefficient -0.45%/°C
    Open Circuit Voltage Temperature Coefficient -0.35%/°C
    Temperature Coefficient of Short Circuit Current  0.05%/°C
    Total Transmittance 97%
    Moisture Permeability 40°C/90%RH g/M² .Day
    Water Absorption Rate  2.5%(24H)
    Test Standard Conditions 2 Am1.5 25°C 1000W/m
    Folded Size 582*580*60MM
    Unfolded Size  2167*582MM
    Net Weight  7.6KG
    Remarks Testing Environment (STC):
    2 Spectral Energy: 1KW/m
    Air Pressure: AM=1.5 The light conditions
    are 38000W Lux (Lighting Unit)
    Electronic Load Test: 38000W Lux

    A: Use a soft brush to remove dust and dirt from the surface. To remove any remaining dust or dirt, wipe the solar panels' surface with a damp cloth. Guano or other adhesives should be removed as soon as possible to avoid a reduction in performance.

    A: Depending on the operating conditions and the environment, solar panels charge at different rates:

    1. Weather conditions such as cold, cloudy, and rainy may affect solar panel output.
    2. Solar panels' output can be affected by their location when they are not facing the sun directly.
    3. Solar panels may have a lower output if they are placed under shade, behind other objects, or behind a window. Please note that applying external pressure to solar panels may damage them and reduce their output.

    A: Solar panels convert solar energy into electricity instead of storing it and sending it to Marxon power stations.

    User Manual

    Marxon 200W Solar Panel | User Manual

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