Marxon G1500 Power Station

Innovative Clean-Energy-Charge-First Technology, Get More Power From Nature.
Make the Most of Solar Power.

Marxon G300 Power Station

Small Yet Mighty, Compact Yet Powerful.
Compact Yet Powerful

Marxon G600 Power Station

No More Power Brick
No More Power Brick
Marxon Solar Panel
Maximize Solar Charging Efficiency
Mobile Power, Reimagined.
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Marxon G300 Power Station
Compact Yet Mighty,Stay Powered Anywhere, Anytime.
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Marxon G1500 Power Station
Clean Energy Charge First. Harness Solar to the Most
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Marxon 100W Solar Panel
Anderson solar port, Compatiable With Most of Power Stations.
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Marxon 200W Solar Panel
High Solar Conversion Efficiency, Easy Setup, Multi-charging Options.
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