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Who Are We

With a shared and bold vision inspired by the passion for technology and ambition for a zero-emission scenario, Marxon was founded in 2002 by a group of imaginative technology geeks. We do not just view ourselves as an energy tech company, we are your reliable nature energy conversion explorer and portable energy creator.

We take every risk as a challenge and opportunity to keep innovating and redefining the cutting-edge nature energy conversion solutions to make portable, sustainable, and rest-assured power accessible for everyone.

Our commitment is to accelerate the improvement of human off-grid living and enhance the human experience of sustainable development.


Provide reliable, sustainable, and portable clean energy for all.

To achieve this goal, Marxon persists in developing clean energy technologies and pursuing energy efficiency. Every effort is made to make clean energy accessible to you wherever you are, at any time.

At the same time, we place an emphasis on the customer's experience. To meet the practical outdoor needs of customers, portability and ease of use are two essential factors taken into consideration.

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Our big picture goal is in line with the UN. To build a bright future for our next generation, we'll make every effort to develop more advanced technology, accelerate energy-efficient research, and develop renewable and other clean energy sources. Eventually, give our children a promised land that is net-zero, green, and ecological harmony.


Supporting an intelligent world where everything is connected.

As a matter of fact, we, human is a community with a shared further for mankind and are already living in the era of connected intelligence.

It means that more and more technologies impact many aspects of our everyday life. But meanwhile, as one, we are facing the same problems such as global warming, the energy crisis, etc. With a precise perception of these common issues, Marxon, as a socially responsible enterprise, is willing to do its own part in promoting clean energy and reduce carbon pollution.

Why Choose Us?

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Clean Energy First Technology

By creating the revolutionary and cutting-edge "Clean Energy First" Technology, Marxon is making an important contribution to energy conservation and global environmental protection. When the power station is charged with AC and clean energy (solar, wind, hydro), the power station will automatically prioritize the clean energy.