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12V 100Ah Battery
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MARXON 12V 100AH Hybrid Gel Deep Cycle Battery

  • Hybrid gel battery: 12v 100Ah VRLA Hybrid gel battery uses a gel electrolyte which have large capacity and heat dissipation performance.This makes Gel batteries perfect for solar home, RV, campers, golf cart, motor homes, Trolling Motor, off-grid applications.
  • Longer service life: Gel Battery of design life of up to 12 years and more than 2000 charge and discharge cycles. Hybrid Gel battery can Excellent recovery after excessive deep discharge to like new battery.
  • Safety use: Maintenance Free. No spills, no leaks, and no water to check. Deep Cycle Hybrid GEL Batteries can work at high (131°F) and low (-4°F) temperature. GEL Battery greatly improved with AMG batteries in terms of safety, discharge performance.
  • High quality material: All Leoch batteries use 99.99% pure primary lead – it's a long-standing feature. It means they charge better and lower self-discharge , don't release toxic fumes and are more efficient & reliable than batteries using recycled lead.
  • Local after-sales support: 2 years Warranty - 30 day refund window. Marxon has a fixed office and warehouse in California, and the local after-sales team responds within 12 hours

  • Features
    camping van battery
    AGM Battery 100Ah
    12V 100AH Deep Cycle Gel Battery
    Solar battery
    Overland battery
    Overland battery


    General Information
    Lead-Acid, AGM
    UPS; RV; Wheelchair; Fish Finders; Solar Energy; Electric Fence; Trolling Motor
    12 Volts
    12.99 x 8.66 x 6.81 inches
    60.2 Pounds

    A: With 1800W rated wattage and 3600W peak power, the product’s AC output port can power
    most household appliances. Before you use it, we recommend that you confirm the power of the
    appliances first and ensure the power sum of all loaded appliances is lower than the rated

    A: The LCD screen of G1500 will display the power level and the use time. The actual power
    consumption depends. Users can estimate the power supply time through the rated power of
    the devices.

    A: While charging, the LCD screen displays a scrolling battery power bar. The battery percentage
    will gradually increase, and the input power will be displayed.

    A: Before storing, please turn off the product first, and then store it in a dry, ventilated place at
    room temperature. Do not place it near water sources. For long-term storage, please discharge
    the battery to 30% and recharge it to 60% every three months to extend its battery life.

    A: No.

    User Manual

    Marxon 12V 100AH Hybrid Gel Battery | User Manual

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