Lower Your Energy Bill in Winter Months

The year 2022 is eventful and memorable for all nations and all of us. An energy crunch has been triggered by the invasion of Ukraine by major natural gas exporter Russia. Gas and power prices are soaring due to this energy crisis which is looming in the United States.

Many U.S. households will soon see a rise in their electricity bills this winter as a result of tight global natural gas markets and they may have to cut back on other basic living expenses to offset the high cost of heating, gas, and food. Hence so, one central theme for all of us in winter months is how to save money and keep the energy bill low without sacrificing much comfort.

Replace with Energy-efficient Solar Generator

It goes without saying that a gas generator requires a constant supply of natural gas whose prices remain sky-high these days. Not to mention its high-maintenance fee and the safety risk if the generator isn’t used properly. Solar generators can storage electricity converted by the sunlight for months, it’s a year-round money-saver for most people, hence so, it possesses great advantages in environmental protection, financial sense, and safety and plays a large role in renewable energy efficiency for the future.

Boost Your Solar Panel Performance for Effective Energy Storage

The solar panels convert sunlight into direct current(DC) electricity and send it off to the battery to store the electricity. The inverter takes the DC electricity from the battery and converts it into alternating currents(AC).

A big misconception is that solar panels can't work in below-freezing chilly winters. Well, it’s perfectly normal that the solar system produce less electricity in winter than in summer days because of shorter days, snow or ice cover, however, it’s been proven that the solar system is able to be more conversion efficient in colder weather.

There are a few things you can do to get the most out of every hour in winter to generate electricity even though you can't make the days longer.

Place it towards the right orientation

Prior to installing the solar panel, orientation is the first thing to take into account. The amount of sunlight you will receive if you place the panels over rooftops depends on how a building is positioned in relation to the sun's courses.

For instance, if you live in the northern hemisphere of the Earth, the PV panels produce more electricity when facing south. The best efficiency is within 20 degrees in the southwest, so that whether in winter or in summer, you can have a good sunlight supply for power generation. If it can't be placed in the south, east or west can also be an option.

 Solar Panel in Winter

Adjust the angle of your panels

For the majority of homeowners, installing solar panels at an angle that is close to or equal to your home's latitude is excellent. Usually, this angle falls between 30 and 45 degrees. By doing this, you can be sure that your house will receive the solar energy system's annual average production at its highest level.
What tilt angle should you set? The angle that provides the solar panels with the most direct and vertical light is the ideal one. They will tilt 90 degrees if your solar panels are perpendicular to the ground. Solar panels ought to be as aligned with the sun as possible to capture solar energy more effectively. When the sun's "angle of incidence" (the angle at which it strikes the panel surface) is minimal or as vertically as feasible, photovoltaics (PV) can generate electricity.

solar panel maintenance

Ensure the surface is clean and not shaded

Your solar panels won't function properly if they are covered in snow since sunlight is required to generate electricity other than heat. The majority of panels are tilted at a specific angle and the snow will slide off on its own, but this takes some time. Another option for clearing snow without harming the panels is to use a snow removal tool such as a soft snow rake or other similar tools.

Additionally, the power output of the panel will be reduced proportionally to the shaded area. To make your solar cell more efficient, ensure the solar panels are placed directly in the sun without being sheltered by any objects.

Recommended Solar Generator

This winter, we have a perfect solar generator for you. We are pleased to introduce to you the Marxon G1500 portable power station and the 200W solar panel which has up to 23% high conversion efficiency and an IP67 waterproof rating to withstand snowy days.
By pairing up three 200W panels, you can get up to 600W solar charging so you can store electricity during the day and use it at night. Besides, the innovative parallel technology can provide up to 2800Wh power capacity and up to 3600W AC output to power most of your heavy-duty devices.





  1. Can solar panels work without a MPPT?

MPPT plays a simple role in intelligently controlling solar conversion to maximize electricity generation, minimize conversion losses, and protect the battery from overcharging and over-discharging, and short circuits. MPPT is already built into the Marxon power station, so there is no need for an extra controller.

  1. Does solar panels require frequent maintenance?

Marxon solar panels are durable and designed to last. The only maintenance it requires is an annual inspection, other than that, it only needs to be used properly by following the instructions.

  1. Can solar panel work in cold weather?

Yes, it can withstand extreme weather, as we mentioned above. Panel is powered by sunlight rather than by heat. Cold weather has nothing to do with it not working properly but can make the solar panels perform better.

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Lower Your Energy Bill in Winter Months
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